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Hybrid Hair Care Maintain the beauty of your Hip Hats with Hair by following these simple guidelines. Wash only as often as needed- less washing is best. Use ONLY shampoos formulated for human hair extentions or human hair wigs. Do NOT use "regular" shampoos. Consider using any dry shampoo to extend time between washing. (any dry shampoo is fine) Use Any Heat Syling Aid on Hybrid Hair. Hybrid Hair Holds It's Style! _________________ ________________________________ _____________ How To Wash. Add a dash of Human Hair WIG shampoo to a sink of cool water. Gently swish your Hip Hat With Hair in the solution. Rinse well in cool runnung water. Add a dash of conditioner to the water. Dip the hair portions into the solution. Or, use a spray in conditioner on the hair portions. Hybrid Hair is super easy to style--just like human hair. It can be styled with heat, such as a blow dryer, curling iron, or hot air brush. You probably already added some styling to your hair, such as a soft curl in the silky-straight, or some shaping to the bangs or sideburns. With Hybrid Hair, you won't have to completely re-style after every shampoo! That's because the high temperature fiber part of the Hybrid Hair, does not lose it's shape wth water. And, the fiber holds the human hair in place. Just be sure to wash in cool water. Place on a wig stand, then finger style the hair in place and let air dry.
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